Summer Reading Program

The annual Summer Reading Program is open to people of all ages.  You are not required to have a library card to participate.   

Register and record reading for the Summer Reading Program one of three ways:
1. Register & Record at or by downloading the ReadSquared app
2. Do #1 but also complete a paper log. Rather than recording each time for reading, you can record in chunks (1 hour, 4 hours, 32 hours, etc.) in ReadSquared before you come into the library to get your incentive coupons and tickets for prizes.
3. Hate technology? Fill out a paper registration card at the library and record all of your reading on a paper log. Turn in the paper log as you complete levels to get your incentives and coupons.
We prefer #1 or #2 – it saves us time in the end – but if you choose to do #3 that is okay too! We fully understand that the app isn’t super user-friendly. We are grateful to the Montana State Library for providing this tracking tool for us this year and we welcome your feedback to determine whether or not we should continue using it for future programs.
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