Library Renovation Plans

Renovation Updates

September 2023:
We ran into a bit of trouble last month with an existing issue discovered in the roof which set us behind a couple weeks.  That issue has been resolved and drywallers are starting their work in the building this week – WALLS ARE GOING UP! We’ve been talking a lot about electrical outlets – we’re adding so many more than we had, hopefully we’ll have enough! It’s been incredible to see the interior take shape and the new entry is coming together nicely.  At this time, the hope is to open in January/February 2024. Until then, you can still find us in our temporary location at 301 16th Avenue East. We’re so grateful to the Polson United Methodist Church for allowing us to use their building during this renovation. It works out great with us in the building Monday – Saturday and then church on Sundays at 11:30 a.m.
As a reminder, the library building is under renovation.  Although doors may be open (so workers can enter and exit easily) this does not mean that you can enter the building.  It is a construction site and it is dangerous for anyone to just walk in.  Please respect this and respect the crew that is working.
We’ll share pictures throughout the process on this page and our Facebook page.  Check back for updates. If you have books that had the October 2nd due date, those have been changed to March 1, 2024. We will be back in our building before that, but we would rather not have 4,500 books come back all at once! March 1 will give everyone ample time to return books once we’re moved in.
Please contact the library with any questions or concerns and visit our FAQ page for more details.

Building Committee

Allen Bone, Trustee
Maggie Newman, Trustee
Abbi Dooley, Library Director
Mallory Witham, Assistant Director
Virginia DuBrucq, Community Member and Retired Architect

proposed floor plan

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Children’s Area

Entry & Meeting Room

Computer, Children, Teen & Atrium

Makerspace, Large Type & Coffee Shop