Library Renovation Plans

Questions submitted regarding RFQ

  • I see on the website that you have some plans already designed by another firm.  Can you share as to whether they are in consideration for this project?
    • Cardinal Architecture completed schematic design drawings for the library in 2008 when renovation was first considered.  The Library Board of Trustees chose to work with Cardinal again in 2019 to modify the 2008 drawings without duplicating work that had been previously performed and would be required again.  Cardinal Architecture is free to submit a proposal, and will be considered equally among all other submissions, if they choose to submit.
  •  Is there a budget, union requirements, and a start/end date for work?
    • We have budgeted $2 million for the whole project based on a cost estimate we received two years ago (and taking into account increases in prices). No union requirements, but as a governmental entity we are required to follow Montana’s Little Davis-Bacon law (prevailing wage). We hope to start no later than fall of 2022 with construction and we do not have a hard end date requirement at this time.
  • What is the age of the HVAC and Roof?
    • All three HVAC units on the roof were replaced in 2018.  The ductwork is original to the building.  The roof is also original to the building and will need to be replaced with the renovation.
  • Is the Library’s intent for the Phase 2 architect to provide Design Development and Construction Documentation services following the previous architect’s Schematic Design literally or very closely?
    •  The Library does not want to spend a lot of money changing the existing plans; however we are open to suggestions and changes to the existing design that improve efficiency, user friendliness and take into consideration modifications that should be made post-COVID.  It is also important to note that the interior design (furniture type, placement, etc.) has not been discussed by the Board. The Library Director has a preliminary plan worked out with Demco, but that has also not been finalized.

Building Committee

Allen Bone, Trustee
Maggie Newman, Trustee
Abbi Dooley, Library Director
Mallory Witham, Assistant Director
Virginia DuBrucq, Community Member and Retired Architect