Virginia DuBrucq

Virginia DuBrucq, Candidate for Trustee of the Lake County Public Library Board

  • Resident of Polson, recently retired
  • Born in Green Bay, WI; husband raised in Great Falls, MT
  • Married with 3 step-children
  • Graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design
  • Practiced design and architecture in Denver, CO for 50 years
  • Led my own architectural practice in Denver for 46 years
  • Involved in the design of seven public libraries
  • Clients included Herman Miller, Inc., providing product design
  • Member Emeritus of the American Institute of Architects
  • Taught in the architecture program at the University of Colorado Denver
  • Active contributor to the Boys and Girls Club of the Flathead Reservation and Lake County

“Why are you running for the Library Board?”
My experience running an architectural practice involved working with communities, public
agencies and individuals in addressing complex problems and finding thoughtful solutions. As
a business woman I dealt with budgets, strategic planning and programming for a variety of projects.

I have been involved in the design of seven libraries, six in Colorado and one in Kansas. Through this work I became very familiar with library operations, the public needs that must be
served and the logistical requirements that must be met. Public libraries serve everyone from the smallest child to the elderly, from story hour to large print books, and from digital resources to community meeting spaces. This service is a mainstay in a community and one that I want to support in every way I can.

As an avid reader  throughout my life, I have enjoyed always having a public library close at
hand. To have the aid of librarians, access to any reading material I might need, and the quiet and comfortable atmosphere of the library itself has been and continues to be important to me.

I am committed to working enthusiastically with the Library Staff and Board to continue the success of the North Lake County Public Library and hope that you will support me in this election.