Leslie-Anne Martin

I would be honored to serve Lake County! I have been so eager for quite some time now to join an organization that helps shape our community – this is why I am running for Library Board. I would love to help, serve and commit myself to such a great little community! I have been very appreciative of everything our library offers, from Mother Goose to various workshops and events they host. I am excited to donate my time and skills. 

I am a mother to 2 wonderful daughters, a busy toddler and book-worm-middle schooler. I am also a full-time Paralegal at Cotter Law Office. As a family we frequent the library, it is one of our favorite places to visit. As a professional I take advantage of the Partners Sharing Group for self-study in my own career. As a member of the Library Board I believe I would be an effective communicator, I am a listener and observe to understand, I am not afraid to ask questions or seek out answers from outside sources. I am a hard working individual, a team player and as a member of the Library Board I will contribute to effectiveness as well as efficiency in the decisions that help shape our library’s future.

I am excited to begin this adventure and serve our community!