What happened in Adult Fiction?

stacks after reorganization

On Monday, October 11th the library staff removed all of the books from adult fiction and reorganized them on the shelves by genre.  This method of organization is referred to as the “book store model” or “genre-fication.” 

Why did we do this?  We are often asked questions like, “where are the Horror books,” “where are the books about Time Travel,” or “where are the Historical Romances”? So, we chose to do this to make it easier for library users to find books that interest them.  Many people read certain genres. Organizing in this manner allows individuals to expand their horizons by discovering new authors, helping to fulfill our mission of promoting lifelong learning.

What about those of us who just want our author?  We’ve made that easy too.  Just ask at the front desk for a list of all of the books in our collection by your favorite authors.  We can quickly print you a list so you can find exactly what you are looking for.  

How do I find my genre?  We have signs on the end of each aisle which have been numbered (1R = first row on the right starting nearest the door) and we have maps that you can take to see all of our genres and find out where they are.  And as always, our staff is happy to help you out! 

We know this is a big change – and change can be hard – but we hope you end up loving this and find that it makes reading more fun!  We are always happy to hear your feedback, so please feel free to leave comments below.

photos of staff, shelves and books during reorganization of adult fiction