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Book Nooks Come to Polson                                                                  

Article by Mary O’Brien, Administrative Assistant

Photo by Jery Walker, Public Services Librarian

North Lake County Public Library



North Lake County Public Library announces the placement of four “Book Nooks” throughout the Polson community.  Each consists of a comfortable hardwood rocking chair and an eye-catching bookshelf filled with lightly used books for all ages. The custom-designed chair cushions show the library’s logo along with a reading-related quote.  Attached signs urge users to “Take Time to Read,” and explain that readers may enjoy the books for the moment – or take them home to keep.



Book Nooks are placed in locations where community members spend time waiting.  So far, Polson’s units are located at the local hospital, the tribal health clinic, Beacon Tire Shop, and the Wash ‘n Go Laundromat.


Based on an award-winning “Take Time to Read” initiative by King County Libraries in Seattle, Book Nooks have already proven very popular in Polson.  Users can’t believe that they are allowed to take the books home. (“Can we really keep them if we want?” one incredulous community member asked.)  When the supply runs low, the shelving units are restocked with donated books by library staff member Jery Walker.  During May, June, and early July alone, 709 of them flew off the shelves!


Library Director Marilyn Trosper learned of King County Libraries’ Book Nooks at the Public Library Association conference in Philadelphia in 2012. She knew immediately that she wanted to implement the idea in Polson. With an enthusiastic go-ahead from King County, she started the wheels turning.  One year later, the Book Nooks were in place.


The project was made possible by a grant from the Greater Polson Community Foundation and library monies.  It has provided North Lake County Public Library with exceptional outreach opportunities.  The Book Nooks not only spread literacy, but also attract library non-users, encourage families to read together, provide public awareness about the benefit of libraries, and offer a great use for the many used books that come in the library doors.


Best of all, it’s good advice for us all:  Take time to read!